I love travelling and experiencing all the beauty and history this great country has to offer.

Traveling to new locals can stimulate the creative juices and awaken the artist in all of us.

Sometimes the most interesting photographs come from viewing everyday objects in a slightly  different manner.  Focusing on unusual patterns, shapes and textures can prove very rewarding.

Who can deny the awe-inspiring feelings we get when viewing a beautiful sunset, or snow-capped mountain range.  Nothing compares with the beauty and majesty of this god-given world in which we live.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,

then let me share with you my story.

2017 upcoming events


Disneyana Collectible Expo:  Wyndam Hotel and Resort

12021 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92840

General Public 10:30am - 5:00pm

photographer portfolio


My love of Disneyland began as a small child and never stopped growing.  Beauty and magic abounds in the park and continues to provide ample photo opportunities.